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10 Best STD Testing Centers in the US

Medical examinations and testing are some of the most private moments in our lives. There are times in particular that a doctor’s visit is not just extremely personal, but embarrassing as well. When you’ve been, or suspect you’ve been, exposed to a sexually transmitted disease, it is vitally important that you seek medical testing and treatment. The following is a brief listing for 10 of the Best STD testing centers in the US:

1. Accurate HIV/STD Testing in Las Vegas, Nevada

STD testing Las Vegas

Accurate Las Vegas STD testing facilities pride themselves on some of the most convenient and discrete STD testing centers in the US. Their location in Las Vegas Nevada is no exception when it comes to their proven standard of excellence and care. They can process some tests with as little as 24 hours and most of their tests do not require more than 15 minutes to perform. Their goal is to get your taken care of ask quickly and accurately as possible. Their contact number is 1-888-857-8122 and they offer free STD consultation to help you see if you may be a candidate for testing.

2. Priority Testing in Miami, Florida

Miami STD testing

Whether you are taking in some Florida sunshine and enjoying the beautiful beaches, or partying it up among the flourishing nightclub scene, no one wants to spend their free time in a doctor’s waiting room. Even though, there are times when it is unavoidable, the staff at STD testing in Miami are there to help you get in and out as quickly as possible. They offer testing procedures that only take 15 to 30 minutes to perform and processing times between 24 to 72 hours. Their number is 1-888-211-2365

3. Houston STD Testing in Houston, Texas

Houston STD testing

Touted as one of the best Houston STD Testing facilities in the Austin area, they have accuracy rates of over 98%. With quick appointments and results, the staff understand that it is an uncomfortable situation to be in and don’t want to take more time from your life than it has to. They also offer send in testing, where patients can mail in swabbed samples using per-organized kits. You can call (1+832) 209-2753 to locate the nearest office to you in the Houston area.

4. Priority STD Testing in Seattle, Washington

STD testing seattle

Serving the entire 98101 zip code, Priority Seattle STD testing prides themselves on being a premier source for fast, discrete, and accurate STD testing. You can in and out in as little at 15 to 20 minutes and have your results within 1 to 3 days. Their contact number is 1-888-211-2365.

5. Chicago STD Testing in Chicago, Illinois

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Being situated in an extremely high density population, Chicago STD Testing specializes in serving just the city. Their main office number is (1+773) 948-4537 and they can direct you to the nearest office to you. They promote the effectiveness of getting tested and offer the convenience of simple swabs and testing procedures that do not require the patient to undress. The offer walk in testing, with no need to make an appointment and can have you out within 30 minutes for simple testing.

6. California Medical Labs, Multiple locations in California

STD testing california

Covering multiple locations that include most of California, California Medical Labs prides themselves on being the go to place for patients who wish a quick, discrete, and accurate California STD testing. Their expedient testing and results can have your answers within 24 to 72 hours.

7. Accurate HIV/STD Testing in Austin, Texas

Austin STD testing

Fully serving clients from stat to finish, Accurate STD Testing in Austin welcomes patients to call them at 1-888-857-8122. If you are not sure if you should be tested, you can call and speak with one of the staff. They will treat you with dignity and help you get through the process quickly and as painlessly as possible.

8. STD Testing Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California

los angeles STD testing

Localizing in the Los Angeles area, like any good Los Angeles STD testing center, they pride themselves on providing the most accurate and expedient results possible. They also focus on just the Los Angeles area and encourage patients to call their main office at (1+626) 384-5199. With quick appointments and expedient testing, they offer the most they can for their clients.

9. Accurate HIV/STD Testing in Dallas, Texas

Dallas city skyline, Dallas, Texas

Open six days a week and reachable by telephone at 1-888-857-8122, they encourage patients to call any time they are open. Free counseling is offered to help client select the the testing they need and to arrange for the test to be carried out quickly, painlessly, and discretely.

10. Priority STD Testing in Oregon and Washington

oregon std testing

Ready to stand up to the challenge, the Priority STD Testing centers in Oregon and Washington are there to help residents fight the shocking increase in STD cases that has been happening within the last two years. Offering quick and accurate testing, along with, counseling and medication assistance, the staff is well trained to help patients prevent a recurring visit. Their contact number is 1-888-211-2365 and they are open 6 days awake that span early to mid evening.

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